We have launched a housing Site Options Consultation on the Local Plan Update 2022-2040: A Landscape to Thrive. This runs until 21 November 2022. Please visit Local Plan Update - Torbay Council

As part of the technical evidence base to inform our Local Plan Review and brownfield register, we have undertaken a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA), this identifies potential sites and assesses whether they are suitable, available and achievable for housing, employment or other economic development uses. Further guidance is available at www.gov.uk/guidance/housing-and-economic-land-availability-assessment.

The HELAA only identifies sites with potential for future development, it does not allocate sites or imply that planning permission would be granted for development.

The 2021 HELAA is attached below. Please note that it has not been produced as a paper document but comprises the following:

  • A HELAA Report (Which contains Appendix 1 Methodology and Appendix 2 HELAA Panel: Summary of Findings
  • Appendix 3 HELAA Spreadsheet of Sites. This summarises the sites considered and how far they were assessed to be developable.
  • Appendix 4 Site Proformas (note that this contains sub-folders). Please note that there are formatting issues with some of these documents.  We are reviewing them and in the process of replacing the word documents with PDFs.  Please treat the word proformas as draft documents. Thank you.   
  • Appendix 5 Maps of sites and Broad Locations considered (please see below)

The HELAA has assessed sites on a traffic-light basis:

  • Green sites which are allocated in the existing development plan or have planning permission.
  • Yellow sites are assessed by officers to have only minor constraints.
  • Amber sites have significant constraints.
  • Red sites have been assessed by officers as being unsuitable for development and therefore rejected by the HELAA

The 2021 HELAA has been used as the basis for the Local Plan Growth Options, although some policy considerations have also gone into constructing the options. In particularly urban regeneration sites are included in all options. More information is available at Local Plan Update - Torbay Council

HELAA Appendix 5 – Maps showing Sites and Categories

The HELAA only identifies sites with potential for future development, it does not allocate sites or imply that planning permission would be granted for development.

As part of the current consultation on our update to the Torbay Local Plan 2012-30, with a particular focus on the supply of housing in Torbay, we have carried out two ‘Calls for Sites’ to identify land for development. Whilst this has now closed, if you would like to put forward land, whether as a landowner, agent, individual, developer, neighbourhood forum or other community groups, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Sites need not necessarily be in your ownership, so if you want a site (or sites) to be considered, we want to hear from you.

General Guidance

  • Sites must be within the Torbay Council administrative boundary. If a site crosses the administrative boundary into another local authority (South Hams or Teignbridge), it can still be put forward, but please let us know the full extent of the site.
  • As well as new sites, sites can be suggested which are already allocated, have been assessed in previous Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAAs), have an expired or extant planning permission, and those that are already under construction.
  • You do not need to own a site in order to put it forward, however, we will need the landowner’s contact details.
  • A map of the site should be provided at an appropriate scale, clearly and accurately showing its boundaries.
  • Use one form per site.
  • The development potential of eligible sites promoted will be assessed by Torbay Council officers and a panel of representatives from the housing and economic development industries. Conclusions will be published in a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) and this will be published on this website.
  • Please note that any sites within in the  Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan Area (i.e. those in  Brixham Town Council and those in the new Broadsands, Churston and Galmpton Neighbourhood Forum Area) are contained within the ‘Brixham’ Folders.

The related privacy notice can be found at www.torbay.gov.uk/helaa-pn

21B014 Former Chestnut Primary School Mayfield School
21B018 Gamlpton Memorial Playing Field
21B022 Parkham Field Parkham Lane
21B020 CFS Chiseldown Farm
21B024 Washbourne Close Green
21B027 T704 Matthill Road And Laywell Lane Brixham
21B028t719a Lupton Park Guzzle Down
B033RED Land at Laywell Road Mathill Road
21B033 T849 Nelaywell Road Brixham
21B041 South of Inglewood Larger Area
21B042 Piggery Hayes Court Churston
21B045 Churston Barony Broad Location
21B044 Broadsands Broad Location
21B047 South Of St Marys Bay Broad Location
21B046 Lupton Park To Monksbridge
21B050 Steam Fair Site And Land SE Of Kennels Road
21B051 Land East Of Brokenbury Quarry
21B03513260 Alston Lane Churston
21P032 Council Depot Yalberton
21P044cfs Land at Yalberton Road
21P062 Land At Long Meadow, Collaton St Mary
21P052T851 Queen Elizabeth Drive PGN
21P036 Land North of Coombe Road
21B03613261 Alston Lane Churston
21B053 Triangle East Of Bascombe Road, North Of Disused Railway Line, Churston
21P066 South Lower Yalberton Holiday Park, Long Road
21P065 North Of Lower Yalberton Holiday Park, Long Road
21P072 West of Great Parks
21P084 Broad Location Langdon Whitehill Holiday Camp
21P070831 Preston Down Rd Occombe Wider Site
21P089 Queens Park Paignton
21P07413255 W Of Grange Road
21P07313252 Collaton St Mary W Of Bloors Site
21T077 Seascape Hotel 8 10 Torchurch Road
21T078 Genting Casino New Blank Pro-Forma
21T083 Land off Seymour Drive Watcombe Park
21T079 Ansteys Cove Carpark
21T117 T855 Barton Gas Holder Site
21T120 The Grove Babbacombe
21T152 Broad location Maidencombe
21T121 Town Hall And Car Park, Castle Circus