Sales invoices (also known as sundry debtors) are issued for a number of reasons and for a wide range of services. If you have received an invoice it will either relate to a service you have requested from us or to recover money that you were not entitled to. A sales invoice may also include costs incurred through legal proceedings.


There any many ways to pay your invoice and you should refer to the back for the different options available to you or you can make a payment online now.

  Make a payment to us

If you have a query or would like a copy invoice then please contact us.

If you feel that the invoice you have received is incorrect please contact the relevant Service Area providing the service as soon as possible. Disputes can be investigated and problems can be solved.

If you believe you have overpaid an invoice please contact the Service Area providing the service. Please make sure you have full details of payments made as they will need to be checked against our records. Refunds will only be issued in the name of the person stated on the invoice unless we have signed authorisation from them or their legal representative.

If an invoice has been issued incorrectly or you have been overcharged, a credit advice note is issued. If the credit adjustment results in you having overpaid your invoice, a refund will be given for the overpayment. If the credit adjustment does not fully clear the invoice you will need to pay the remaining balance.

If an invoice is not paid upon receipt, or an arrangement has not been followed, recovery letters will be issued. Continued failure to pay could result in the debt being referred to a collection agent or Court proceedings being commenced.

If Court proceedings are issued it may affect your credit rating and you will be liable for any additional legal fees incurred. For commercial debt late payment of interest and additional costs will be claimed on all qualifying debts in accordance with  legislation  Opens in a new window .

Not all services will allow invoices to be paid by instalments. If you have problems paying and you need to request payment by instalments, the relevant Service Area needs to be contacted as soon as the invoice is received.