The leadership and ceremonial roles in Torbay Council are distinct from each other.

The leadership - in the form of Leader of the Council and Cabinet - deals with the business running of the council, and works with private enterprise, industry and the voluntary sector to improve the standards of living for the people of the Bay in delivering local services.

The Civic Mayor is responsible for chairing meetings of the council.  The Civic Mayor also undertakes civic and ceremonial duties in the Borough and attends community engagements and represents Torbay at civic events outside the area on behalf of Torbay Council.  The Civic Mayor is always expected to act impartially and in a non-political way.

If you wish to invite the Civic Mayor to an event you are organising, please complete the event information form and return no later than 14 days before the event to the Civic Support, Governance Support, Town Hall, Torquay, TQ1 3DR.

Alternatively, you can return the form via email to the following address:

Current Chair

The Chairman for 2018-2019 is Councillor Ian Doggett and his escort is Mrs Maggi Douglas-Dunbar.  The Chairman of the Council is elected by the Council at its annual meeting.

In May 2003, I was elected to serve the Clifton with Maidenway Ward, together with the late Great Ruth Pentney, and was appointed a Transport Champion, an interest which I have upheld to this day. I have been on various Committees and Working Parties, these included the Transport Working Party, Licensing Committee, Development Management Committee and the Health and Well-being Board until my election as Chairman of the Council.

The Chairman will be supported by the new Vice-Chairman for 2018-2019, Councillor Jane Barnby. 

At the Ceremonial Council Meeting held on 14 May 2018, at which he was inaugurated as Chairman of the Council, Councillor Doggett said:

“Thank you fellow Councillors for granting me the honour of being Chairman of Torbay Council. I would also like to thank Councillors Cindy Stocks and David Thomas for their kind words of support and I will certainly do my best to uphold the office of being Torbay’s Chairman. I would also like to thank the Council Officers, especially those in Governance Support, for their help and guidance in getting me organised for this prestigious role. Thanks must also go to my predecessor, Councillor Anne Brooks for her help and guidance during the past year, when I have been Vice-Chairman, and endeavouring to learn what I should be doing!

I have had the privilege of representing the Residents of Clifton with Maidenway Ward, Paignton, since May 2003. I am aware that this coming Municipal Year will be challenging, with a Torbay Council Election at the end of it in May 2019, so, as Chairman, I intend to oversee, during our Full Council Meetings with healthy debate.

As Vice- Chairman, I have been involved in a number of Civic Events this past year, we have celebrated the founding of the RAF in 1918 on April 1 2018 and later this year there will be the celebration of the Armistice and end of World War 1.

With regard to my Charities for the coming Year, I have chosen 3. They are Teignbridge and Torbay Cats Protection, Shopmobility and Staff Oncology Training Fund, based at Torbay Hospital. I am happy to report that Mrs Maggi Douglas - Dunbar has agreed to continue to being my Escort for another Year, she has a background in being a Nurse and, like myself, has Cats, although I only have one, but he keeps me sane!

I am also pleased to announce that the Reverend Doctor John Haley of the Palace Avenue Methodist Church, Paignton, has agreed to be my Chaplin for the coming Municipal Year. There will be a Civic Church Service at Paignton on September 30 2018 at 3pm when all are welcome.

Finally fellow Councillor’s, I thank you for giving me the opportunity of being Chairman of Torbay Council, I shall be proud to represent the Council and indeed the Residents of the Bay at the Events I will be attending during the forthcoming 12 months”.