This consultation is open. The final date for feedback is Tuesday 4 May 2021.

You are invited to have your say on our update of the Torbay Local Plan 2012-30, with a particular focus on the supply of housing in Torbay.

Local authorities are required to review, and if necessary update, their Local Plans every five years, in consultation with local residents, businesses, community groups, Neighbourhood Forums and other stakeholders such as developers.

We are committed to:

  • Increasing the overall supply and range of housing in Torbay and making the best use of existing housing
  • Ensuring appropriate and affordable housing is available to meet people’s housing needs and aspirations
  • Improving the environmental, economic and social sustainability of housing
  • Improving the quality of housing in Torbay

On Monday 22 March we launched a ‘call for evidence’ and options consultation for local people to submit their views, and this closes on Tuesday 4 May 2021. This follows a Council review of the Local Plan in November 2020 where it was decided that updating policies for the supply of housing was our first priority.

We are seeking evidence on:

  • Housing need target - Whether you agree with our proposed approach of accepting the government’s ‘housing need’ target – this would require 6,000 new homes to be delivered by 2030. Since 2012, just over 2,900 new homes have been delivered in Torbay, so there is work to do to catch up.
  • Local capacity - Whether you think there is the environmental and market capacity to meet these housing targets in Torbay. We are aware that Torbay’s housing completions have consistently been lower than the government’s housing need target figure, despite housing land being allocated for development.
  • Suitable sites for new homes - Whether you are able to suggest any sites which you think could be suitable for new homes or employment - this will include re-considering land that has previously been assessed but rejected.

A short document setting out the issues and call for evidence is available here and below. 

The consultation relates closely to the Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) Call for sites.

The results of this call for evidence consultation will inform the draft Local Plan Housing Supply Policies Update, which will be the subject of later consultation.

How to get in touch

Please provide comments by Midday on 4 May, preferably by email to or write to: Local Plan Update, Spatial Planning, Torbay Council, Floor 2 Tor Hill House, Castle Circus, Torquay, TQ2 5QW. (Please note that due to current Pandemic restrictions, electronic communication is preferred if possible).

The stages of the Local Plan Update are set out below.  However, these are indicative and may change, for example as a result of consultation responses.

The stages of the Local Plan Update are set out below.  However, these are indicative and may change, for example as a result of consultation responses