Your recycling boxes, blue bag for paper, food bin and wheeled bin or seagull proof bag need to be placed at the boundary of your property so easily accessible from the adopted public highway by 6am on your collection day. We may need to vary the times of collection so please make sure that you don’t put it out late. Recycling and waste containers must not be left or stored on the highway or footpath between scheduled collections. Only bins and containers provided by Torbay Council/SWISCo will be emptied, to ensure that they meet the required standards for safe and efficient collection.


Each property is supplied with two recycling boxes which are emptied weekly. Please make sure that your recycling is separated into the correct box. You can request new stickers to show you what should go into each of the boxes. Please also ensure you are using recycling box covers/nets to prevent waste from being blown out onto the street. 

Request new bin stickers

Households are provided with both a small food caddy to use in the kitchen and a larger food waste bin to store outside. You can use the kitchen caddy to decant food waste to your kerbside caddy. The kitchen food caddy can be lined with any type of plastic bag; newspaper or special caddy liners to keep it clean. The large food waste bin will be emptied weekly.

Residual waste

Most households are provided with a wheeled bin for any general household rubbish that cannot be recycled. This will be collected fortnightly.

Properties that aren’t suitable for wheeled bins are provided with seagull proof sacks and in almost all cases will receive a weekly collection.

If you live in a block of flats please see our page about flats and communal collections.


Properties with Restricted Access

  • Where access is restricted due to the width or design of the highway, alternative or specially adapted vehicles may be used to collect recycling, food waste, garden waste and residual waste.
  • Where access is controlled by electronic gates or other security barriers, residents or their agent must accommodate the arrival of the collection teams and provide timely entry.
  • Where access is not permitted to gated properties or properties that can only be accesses from the unadopted highway, residents must place their bins and containers outside the gates or at the edge of the public highway, for collection.
  • Where development of new properties is still taking place and roads not yet adopted, but residents are in occupation, SWISCo will carry out a risk assessment to determine whether it is safe to enter the site to make collections.