If your bins are missing, damaged or stolen you can order new ones. You can order:

  • Recycling boxes
  • Nets for recycling boxes
  • Food waste kitchen caddy
  • Food waste bin
  • Blue bag for paperĀ 
  • Wheelie bin or seagull proof sack

We aim to deliver your new containers to you within 10 days.

If you have already ordered new containers but they haven't been delivered yet please call SWISCo on 01803 701310. Do not use these forms unless you are starting a new order.

Bins and recycling boxes are for collecting household waste materials by SWISCo only. You should not use them for anything else.

  Order a new recycling box, food bin or net

You can also order new stickers to show you what should go into each of the boxes.

Order new bin stickers

Non-recyclable waste

If you need a replacement or extra wheelie bin or seagull sack you will need to apply using one of the following forms. Send the form to SWISCo using the details shown on the form.