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Usual suspects (what to recycle)

The satisfying clinkety clink of glass bottles is a common sound when we are putting out the recycling these days. Yet whilst the UK uses nearly 2 million tonnes of glass packaging in a year, it is estimated that just less than 1 million tonnes is not currently being collected for recycling.

Top tips

  • Empty and rinse all glass containers.
  • Put all screw caps and lids back on the bottle!
  • Spray tops for perfume bottles should go in the bin.
  • Glass such as Pyrex and drinking glasses melt at a different temperature to recycled glass and so shouldn’t be recycled.
  • Light bulbs, mirror glass and vases should go to your nearest recycling centre.

What to recycle

  • Perfume and aftershave bottles (remove any plastic).
  • Face cream jars
  • Bottles (from wine, beer, water, spirits – anything glass!).
  • Jars for cooking sauces, jam and baby food

What not to recycle

  • Glass cookware (such as Pyrex).
  • Drinking glasses
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirror glass
  • Vases
  • Crystal glass