You can recycle your grass cuttings and other garden waste by taking them to the Recycling Centre.

TOR2 also offer a cash on collection service for collecting garden waste from households in Torbay. This service is offered at a charge of £12 for up to 8 bags and £1 for every additional bag. For further details of this service or to arrange a collection, please phone 01803 701316.

Collections points

Monthly garden waste collection points operate in Brixham and Torquay every month between February and November. Torbay residents can take their household garden waste to the collection point between the hours of 9am and 1pm. The waste is then sent for composting.

Restrictions: These services are for household garden waste only. No plastic bags, soil, rubble or branches over 10cm (4 inches) in diameter. No commercial waste. Please do not deposit any waste at the sites outside of the dates and times listed below. Anyone seen doing so is likely to be prosecuted for fly tipping.

Brixham Service

Venue: Brixham Community College, Higher Ranscombe Road, Brixham
Date: First Sunday of every month (not December or January)
Time: 9 am to 1pm only

2020 dates
  • Sunday 2 February
  • Sunday 1 March
  • Sunday 5 April
  • Sunday 3 May
  • Sunday 7 June
  • Sunday 5 July
  • Sunday 2 August
  • Sunday 6 September
  • Sunday 4 October
  • Sunday 1 November

Torquay Service

Location: Lymington Road Coach Station, Lymington Road, Torquay
Date: Second and fourth Sunday of every month (not December or January)
Time: 9 am to 1pm only

2020 dates
  • Sunday 9 and Sunday 23 February
  • Sunday 8 and Sunday 22 March
  • Sunday 12 and Sunday 26 April
  • Sunday 10 and Sunday 24 May
  • Sunday 14 and Sunday 28 June
  • Sunday 12 and Sunday 26 July
  • Sunday 9 and Sunday 26 August
  • Sunday 13 and Sunday 27 September
  • Sunday 11 and Sunday 25 October
  • Sunday 8 and Sunday 22 November

Other alternatives

You can also take your garden waste to the recycling centre in Paignton or you could think about composting. We can help you by offering reduced price compost bins or advice and support in starting a community composting project.

Japanese Knotweed

This plant is categorised as a noxious weed and as such must be disposed responsibly by the owner at a licensed site. Failure to do so can result in unlimited fines. TOR2 have no legal requirement to accept it at the Recycling centre and anyone found trying to mix it with our green garden waste should be prosecuted. More information can be found on the Environment Agency Opens in a new window website.