You can sign up to have your garden waste collected from your home every two weeks. 

The benefits of this are:

  • it is more convenient for you
  • save money not having to drive to the recycling centre
  • it’s better for the environment
  • it will help raise Torbay’s recycling rates
  • a local farm will turn your green waste into compost

We will give you a 240 litre brown bin for your garden waste. If you have a lot of garden waste, you can subscribe for up to three brown bins. There is a fee for each bin you have.

To use this service you must have room to store your brown bin. You cannot keep it on a public footpath or road.

Collection days

We will collect your garden waste every two weeks on the same day of the week as your current collections. But, it will be on the alternate week to non-recyclable waste.

If we collect your non-recyclable waste weekly we will tell you when your collection will be.

If we can't collect your garden waste on the normal day we will try and collect it within 48 hours.

There is a break each year for one month over Christmas and New Year. This year the last scheduled collections will be made on Friday 15 December and will resume on Monday 15 January 2024.

What we will collect

It's important you don't put anything in your brown bin that we can't use. We will collect:

  • grass cuttings
  • flowers
  • small tree branches up to 10cm thick
  • loose leaves
  • shrub trimmings
  • hedge trimmings

Anything else will contaminate your bin and we won't empty it. You must remove any wrong items before your next collection. If you keep contaminating your bin we will take it away. You will not get a refund for any remaining collections.

We won't collect commercial waste. We won't collect garden waste that is not in your brown bin.


There is a charge for every bin you have of:

  • £50 per year
  • £40 per year if you are on the Council Tax Support Scheme

Sign up

Your subscription will start from the date of your first collection and will last for 12 months. 

  Sign up for garden waste collections

What happens next

After you have signed up we will:

  • deliver your brown bin within 10 working days
  • tell you when your collections are if you have weekly non-recyclable waste collections
  • contact you six weeks before the end of your subscription about renewing it

Renew you subscription

The subscription period starts from the date of the first collection. It then rolls for 12 months from that date when you renew.

  Renew your subscription for garden waste collections