So your recycling lands in the depot at Paignton, but then what happens? 

It's a question that we get asked a lot, so here is a breakdown of what happens to Torbay's recycling and where in the UK it goes to be recycled.

Aluminium Cans - Warrington, Cheshire
Cans are melted down and used to make new cans.

Batteries - Lutterworth, Leicestershire
Broken down and toxic heavy metal recovered for reprocessing.

Cardboard - Caerphilly, Wales
Recycled into new cardboard packaging.

Cartons (Tetra Pak) - Caerphilly, Wales
Recycled into new cardboard packaging.

Cooking Oil - Newton Abbot
Refined and reprocessed into biodiesel fuels.

Food Waste - Holsworthy, Devon
Anaerobic digestion, producing biogas which is used to generate power, provide heat and produce compost.

Glass - Kirby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Recycled into glass bottles and jars.

Green Waste - Paignton
Composted and then used instead of chemical fertiliser in agriculture.

Metal - Wokingham, Berkshire
Broken down into component parts and metals and plastics re-used.

Paper - Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Recycled into paper for newspapers and for energy production.

Plastic - Manchester
Recycled into new plastic food packaging.

Tyres - Castle Cary, Somerset
Shredded, granulated and remade into soft surfaces for play areas and horse training areas.

Wood - Winkleigh, Devon
Shredded and reprocessed for use in board manufacturing and animal bedding.