Please help us to reduce litter across the Bay by:

  • Putting your litter and chewing gum in bins provided
  • Take your litter home if there isn't a litter bin or the bin is full
  • Take unwanted items to the Recycling Centre (HWRC)
  • Cleaning up after your dog
  • Tell us if someone drops litter
  • Use your recycling box covers/nets to prevent waste being blown out onto the street.

Reporting overflowing litter bins

It’s now easier than ever to report overflowing bins. If you’re out and about, all litter bins across the Bay have a unique QR code that you can scan with your phone and it will take you directly to the reporting form. 

  Report an overflowing litter bin

If the overflowing bin is reported before 8.30pm, we will aim to empty the bin within two hours on the day. If it is reported after that time, we will empty it the next day.

You can also report litter on roads and pavements.

  Report litter or dog fouling

Paying fixed penalty notices

Fly-tipping, littering and failing to clear up dog poo are all environmental crimes and you could be liable to pay a fixed penalty notice of between £80 and £400. We now have an enforcement team employed by National Enforcement Solutions that will issue fixed penalty notices to anyone caught committing one of these environmental crimes.

  Pay a fixed penalty notice

Services provided by SWISCo

As well as removing litter and emptying bins SWISCo also carries out the following on our behalf across Torbay: