Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish and other waste. It’s a crime and is expensive to deal with. You can report 

Request the removal of fly tipped waste

We can only remove fly tipping from land we own. Fly tipped rubbish and other waste on private land is the responsibility of the person who owns the land to have removed. 

  Report fly tipping

Report someone for fly tipping

If you’ve seen someone fly tipping you can report the person who did it. For us to try and take action against a fly tipper we need certain information from you.

  Report someone for fly tipping

You can report major incidents of illegally dumped rubbish (eg lorries dumping waste) or other waste to the Environment Agency incident hotline on telephone 0800 80 70 60.

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Keep yourself safe

Your safety is important. Please don’t touch fly tipped rubbish or other waste as it could be dangerous. Please also don’t disturb the site as there may be evidence that we can collect to help find out who the fly tipper is.

Disposing of your waste

If you live in Torbay you can take household items to the tip (Household Waste and Recycling Centre) in Paignton for free.

Disposing of your waste

If you live in Torbay you can donate unwanted household items to charity, arrange for a bulky collection or take them to the tip (Household Waste and Recycling Centre) in Paignton for free.

If you are paying someone to remove rubbish or other waste for you, it’s your responsibility to check that they have a licence to do so. 

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If someone removing your waste fly tips it, legal action could be taken against you as the Environment Agency explains in this short video.