Good hygiene, keeping waste food in your food caddy or bin and blocking a route of access are simple measures you could take to reduce the chance of being overrun by pests.

If you have a pest problem and would like to find out more our report form can provide some of the answers to the following:

  • More about the specific pest problem you have.
  • If you may be able to deal with the problem yourself.
  • If we can help you.
  • Or if you need to contact a pest control company.

  Report a pest problem

Some products are available from pet shops or DIY stores to treat pests and vermin but care should be taken when using them. Poisons should only ever be used by a qualified Pest Control Officer.

TOR2 Opens in a new window or any other pest control company, can provide a pest control service and you should contact them direct for their current fees.


Herring Gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Birds cannot be taken or their eggs or nests destroyed unless there is a serious hazard to public health, and such cases are rare. Less serious but still annoying issues such as fouling or noise nuisance can lead to calls for a cull. It is however generally acknowledged that culling is ineffective as outside populations of birds soon move in to fill the vacuum left by culling.

Prevention is better than such drastic cures. This means encouraging gulls back to the cliffs and away from residential areas or public places by storing refuse safely, and denying them food and perching space.