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Public Spaces Protection Orders

Find out what PSPOs we have in place to help make certain areas in Torbay safer.

We want to make Torbay a safer place. To do this we work with you to find out about any anti-social behaviour that is having a negative impact. We then work with our partners to look at what is the right solution.  

There are a range of tools to help prevent anti-social behaviour. They can also be used as an opportunity to provide education and enforcement. 

One of those tools is a Public Spaces Protection Order which can:

  • be a positive way to help prevent anti-social behaviour
  • provide an effective response to some of the daily issues faced
  • let us impose certain conditions within a specific area

Conditions imposed must have the aim of reducing or stopping anti-social behaviour that will impact the quality of life of those in the area. Conditions may require people to do, or not do, specified things.  


Current PSPOs

Torbay currently has four PSPO’s in place.

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