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Bins and recycling

Information on rubbish, recycling, collections and containers and the services provided by TOR2.

Recycling Glass

A useful guide to recycling glass. What to recycle, what not to recycle and top recycling tips.

Recycling Metal

A useful guide to recycling metal. What to recycle, what not to recycle and top recycling tips.

Where are the recycling banks?

Details of recycling banks in Torbay including their location and the type of recycling available at each site.

Where is the tip (recycling centre)?

Find out about the household waste and recycling centre where residents can recycle/dispose of most household and green garden waste.

Recycle electrical items

Find out where you can recycle small electrical items including kettles, toasters, irons and much more.

When is my bin collected?

Details of your bin collection days for the waste and recycling service in Torbay.

Flats and communal collections

Information on the household waste and recycling services provide by TOR2 for flats and larger communal properties in Torbay.

Get a new/replacement bin

Find out how to order a new bin, recycling box or kitchen food caddy if yours has been lost or damaged.

Get an assisted collection

Find out how to get help if you are unable to put your bins out for your waste and recycling to be collected.

My bin hasn't been collected

Tell TOR2 that your rubbish, recycling, food waste or clinical waste has not been collected.

What goes in my bin?

Find out how to use your recycling boxes, bins and bags and what goes in each bin.

What can I do with bulky waste?

Find out what to do with large household items you don't want and how to request a collection.

Litter and litter bins

Find out what we do about litter on our streets, littering fines and how to pay them.

What to do with garden waste

Find out what to do with waste from your garden including details of the collection service and collections points.

Get a clinical or sharps waste collection

How to apply to have clinical waste or sharps removed from your home.

Waste Disposal

Performance Review of waste disposal 2015-2016


Find out what you can compost, how to order a subsidised compost bin or how to start a community composting project.

Pledge to Compost

Pledge to Compost - Torbay Council Accessibility Skip to main content Toggle navigation Torbay Council English Riviera | Devon Website Search Search Advertising Home Bins and recycling Pledge to Compost Back to Bins and recycling Pledge to Compost Devon residents can win a composting bin if they pledge online

How can I reduce my waste?

Information on how to reduce the amount of waste you produce in your home.