What is the Municipal Waste Management Strategy?

Torbay faces challenging targets for increasing the proportion of waste that is recycled and composted and reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill. The Municipal Waste Management Strategy aims to address these challenges and provide a framework for managing Torbay’s waste in a more sustainable way. The Strategy sets out how Torbay intends to manage its municipal waste by promoting waste minimisation, improving recycling performance and using alternatives to landfill to treat waste that can not be re-used or recycled.

Torbay Council adopted the Municipal Waste Management Strategy in February 2008.

Municipal Waste Management Strategy
This document sets out aims, objectives and policies for the future management of Torbay’s municipal waste and covers Torbay’s approach to waste minimisation, recycling, treatment and disposal.
Supplementary Reports A - D
Supplementary Reports to accompany the Adopted Headline Strategy, including the Baseline Report, Technology Report, Legislation Report and Consultation Report.
Supplementary Report E: Appraisal of Municipal Solid Waste Options for Torbay
An appraisal of alternative recycling and waste treatment options in relation to environmental, economic and technical criteria, carried out by RPS consultants. The appraisal was used to inform the Municipal Waste Management Strategy.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was carried out to evaluate the likely effects of implementing the Waste Management Strategy. The results of the Strategic Environmental Assessment were presented in an Environmental Report, which accompanied the consultation phase of the Municipal Waste Management Strategy. A Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement has also been produced, explaining how the recommendations from the SEA have been incorporated into the finalised adopted Waste Management Strategy.

SEA Statement - February 2008
This document provides information on how the findings and recommendations from the SEA have been taken into account in the Adopted Municipal Waste Management Strategy.
SEA Environmental Report - October 2007
A report explaining the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process and presenting the results of the SEA of the draft Municipal Waste Management Strategy.
SEA Review of Plans, Programmes and Environmental Objectives
A review of existing plans, policies and objectives which are relevant to the development of the Municipal Waste Management Strategy. This report accompanies the Strategic Environmental Assessment.
SEA Baseline Report
An Environmental Baseline Report to accompany the Strategic Environmental Assessment. The Baseline Report has been updated following consultation on the SEA Scoping Report in Spring 2006.


Consultation formed an important part of developing Torbay’s Municipal Waste Management Strategy, and the draft Strategy and SEA Environmental Report were subject to a 6 week public consultation period in October – November 2007. Information on the outcomes of stakeholder and public consultation are provided in Supplementary Report D.

The South West Devon Waste Partnership

Torbay Council is working in partnership with Devon County Council and Plymouth City Council to deliver a solution for treating waste that can not be re-used, recyled or composted.