Nothing says more about a town than its centre. It is the place that brings people together from across all its neighbourhoods, as well as from overseas, nearby cities, towns and villages. The centre is a town’s heart and will be the part of town that most residents and visitors will know. Rightly or wrongly, it will be the place that determines the view of many people of the town in its entirety. Put simply, Torbay’s town centres matter.

We along with the TDA have put in place a strategy to transform Torbay’s town centres to create a much better consumer experience. This strategy provides a sharp focus for ongoing regeneration work with the emphasis on place making, coupled with high quality development, which delivers a range of benefits to Torbay and drives further investment. The Strategy complements our Economic Strategy and Local Plan, the Culture Strategy, the emerging Destination Management Plan and Neighbourhood Plans, the completed town centre masterplans and Torbay Harbours masterplan.

In essence, the Transformation Strategy for Torbay’s Town Centres is based on what residents, businesses and investors have said they want to see happening.

The strategy has identified 8 key sites and their delivery actions, 7 key public realm projects and building improvements, and investment opportunities in Torbay.


Phase 1 Projects include:


Please note: the images shown are simple illustrations and concepts used for soft market testing only. They are not plans which have got planning permission. When occupiers/partners are identified for each site, detailed plans will be developed, planning applications will be prepared and community/business engagement will take place.