We want to fundamentally change the way in which we communicate and engage with residents – empowering and enabling our communities. Our Community Conference in September 2019 was the start of the journey and we recognise that we have a lot of work to do. But we will be working hard over the coming months and years to involve, engage and empower our residents, communities and partnerships to ensure that Torbay thrives.

Our commitments

  • We will embrace a spirit of cooperation and partnership
  • We will be open with our communities about the challenges that we face
  • We will work to empower and enable our communities
  • We will operate with openness and transparency
  • We will celebrate Torbay

Community Conference 2019

The Torbay Community Conference, held on 11 September 2019, was designed to help us develop a new and more engaged relationship with individuals and communities across the Bay. Over 120 people from communities across the Bay participated including our members and senior officers.
Four key overarching messages emerged from Conference discussions:

  • There needs to be a change of culture in the Council and in communities.
  • Trusted relationships with communities need to be built.
  • Communication with communities and individuals needs to improve.
  • Celebration of the Bay’s assets and civic pride need to be encouraged.