We want Torbay and its residents to thrive.

Torbay is at the beginning of a once in a generation period of transformation, with exciting multi-million-pound projects happening across Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.

We are investing a lot in our:

  • Towns
  • Local economy
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure
  • Culture and heritage

This will give people spaces to thrive and opens up more job and training opportunities. It will future proof the area for generations to come.

Working with TDA we have put in place a strategy to transform Torbay’s town centres to:

  • Create a much better customer experience
  • Provide a sharp focus for ongoing regeneration work
  • Place an emphasis on placemaking
  • Encourage more quality developments
  • Bring a range of benefits to Torbay
  • Drive further investment

 The Strategy complements our:

Our regeneration plans are based on what residents, businesses and investors have said they want to see. Each of our regeneration projects will help to:

  • Increase footfall and visitors to our town centres
  • Improve journey times and access into and around Torbay
  • Improve the cultural and tourism offer
  • Grow skill levels and job opportunities


Learn more about all of the projects happening in Torquay.


Learn more about all of the projects happening in Paignton.


We have plans to enhance Brixham in line with the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan.

The harbour and town centre car park are two areas earmarked for regeneration.

Business parks

Torbay Story

Torbay is an outstanding place to live, work and visit and since January 2022 a forward looking, positive and compelling story of the Bay has been developed by a partnership of enthusiastic Torbay organisations and businesses. The Torbay Together Partnership have been speaking with partners, businesses and residents from across the Bay to understand what makes Torbay and it’s three towns of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay unique.

Whilst a magnet for tourists, the beautiful Tor Bay and its stunning natural environment also hosts hi tech businesses and a vibrant arts and cultural scene. This all fits together amongst its incredible coastline and countryside.

The Torbay Together Partnership want to:

  • Put Torbay on the map.
  • Highlight the great things about the area and talk about the opportunities that are on offer.
  • Attract investment, inspire future generations, create jobs and attract funding from Government.

Discover more about the Torbay Story and download Our Torbay Story Book