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Garfield Road car park

Find out about the work we are doing at the Garfield Road site in Paignton.

The information on this page is correct as of 23 October 2023.

For several years there have been plans for the regeneration of Garfield Road car park.

Land Release Funding we secured is allowing us to move forward with this project. The aim of Land Release Funding is to help councils with their regeneration projects. In particular when it comes to delivering new homes.

The Garfield Road car park forms part of the wider Victoria Centre site. We identified it in the Local Plan as an area of future growth for investment, housing and employment.

Only coaches and high-sided vehicles can park on the ground floor at the moment. We closed all other floors in September 2021.

What is happening now

We are now moving forward with demolishing the Garfield Road section of the car park. This is the old part of the car park. The adjoining Victoria car park will remain open as normal.

We have appointed Wrings Group to carry out the demolition work. They are a reputable contractor.

The demolition programme starts in October 2023 and ends in the Spring of 2024.

Project timeline

The demolition works will take place in stages.

Stage 1 pre-preparation phase – January to September 2023

  • agree and sign the contract with the demolition contractor
  • pre-works around the Western Power Distribution substation
  • installation of protective barriers around the site
  • utility service works
  • demolishing the former Shop Mobility Unit

Stage 2 preparation phase – October to December 2023

  • prepare site for demolition

Stage 3 demolition phase – January to Spring 2024

  • full demolition works

Managing the demolition process

We know that these works will bring some disruption to the area.

The demolition of buildings and structures is a carefully managed process. We will take the Garfield Road structure down, piece by piece.

We are working with the contractor to make sure disruption is minimal. Measures include:

  • using specialist equipment to track noise and vibration levels
  • operating a water suppression system to minimise dust
  • regular site meetings with Wrings to ensure the works are carefully managed
  • working hours between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday

Planning approval was given for the following working hours.

  • 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • 7.30am to 1pm, Saturday.
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays – to be approved in advance of any works being carried out on site.

Some work may be carried out outside of the planning approved hours, with prior approval and consent.

The adjoining Victoria carpark will be open during the demolition works. Some spaces and levels will be out of use during certain times. This is unavoidable due to safety measures that need to be in place.

Alternative parking arrangements

  • Victoria car park. This is next to Garfield Road car park. It will remain open throughout the demolition works. You can enter via the normal routes. Normal opening hours and restrictions apply.
  • High-sided vehicles such as coaches will be able to use Clennon Valley car park. Other high-sided vehicles can use surface-level car parks. There are also on-street parking spaces in and around the town centre.
  • Blue badge parking is available on Garfield Road. There are more spaces on Torbay Road and Queens Road.
  • Coaches can use the bus stops on the Esplanade, which is near the Geoplay Park, and Hyde Road.

Find general information on parking in and around Paignton town centre

Site safety

Wrings will be taking all necessary precautions to ensure the site remains safe and secure. Only authorised personnel will be able to access the site.

We have informed our security and CCTV teams, and local policing teams, of the works. They will monitor the site.

We encourage you to report anyone breaching safety measures. Report to out-of-hours security teams or the police.

You can report out-of-hours security concerns to our incident room:

  • 01803 212343 - 8am to 2am
  • 01626 362424 - 2am to 8am

After the demolition

We are looking at alternative options to re-provide further parking solutions across Paignton. This is an ongoing piece of work.