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Fish Quay and Market

Find out more about the work we are doing to regenerate the Fish Quay and Market in Brixham.

Brixham’s fishing heritage underpins the essence of the town and its community. With this in mind is it important that we maintain it for generations to come.

Proposals for this area include extending the harbour and fish market to:

  • Deliver an extra 7,000m2 of quayside
  • Create more landing space to allow for an extra five fishing vessels to off-load at once
  • Construct two new auction halls, doubling the current capacity

This project could lead to:

  • An increase in landed fish value of up to £20million per year within five years
  • Creating around 150 more year-round jobs

We are currently looking at funding options as well as working with our community partners to deliver this project.

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