If you give a home or spare room(s) to someone from Ukraine you can get a £350 a month 'thank you' payment from the government.

Discounts and exemptions

‘Thank you’ payments will not affect any council tax discounts you get. Ukrainian guests are "disregarded" which means we won't count them when:

  • we count the number of adults living in a home, which protects any of your current discounts
  • we check if properties are exempt from council tax

Second homes and annexes

If Ukrainian guests are living in your second home or annexe we won't count them when we work out your bill. This will leave 50% to pay.

We must send council tax bills to the people who live in a property. But, many people who have given a home to Ukrainians want to pay the council tax for them.

We can't apply reductions to your council tax bill automatically. Please tell us if you think you should get a discount or exemption as soon as possible.

Contact us using the account enquiry form.