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We are currently working through a very high level of demand for reported Council Tax change of address and household circumstance.  Due to this demand, we would like to apologise that our processing times are longer than we would like. Please bear with us at this busy time to process your new bill.

You have a legal duty to tell us of any changes in your circumstance which may affect the amount of council tax you pay.

You must make sure that you tell us about these changes, don't rely on someone else to pass the information on.

Failure to tell us within 21 days could lead a financial penalty or prosecution.

  Tell us if you are moving

  Tell us if the number of people living in your property changes

  Tell us if someone has passed away

  Tell us if you buy a second property

  Tell us if you sell a second property

  Tell us if you change your name

  Tell us if children leave school

  Tell us if your landlord has changed

  Tell us if a correspondence address has changed

  Tell us about any other changes