If an attachment of earnings or benefits is not suitable, no payment arrangement has been agreed, or you make an arrangement and fail to pay as agreed, we will instruct a bailiff to collect the debt.

If your debt is passed to the bailiff, you must contact them directly to discuss payment of the debt.

The procedure used by the bailiffs we use and the fees they charge are fixed so they cannot set their own. The Ministry of Justice has issued national guidelines Opens in a new window that sets out what the expected minimum standards are.

We currently use Rossendales Opens in a new window as our Enforcement Agents.

There are 3 stages to the process:

If we pass your unpaid debt to a bailiff, you will have to pay a fixed fee of £75 for each liability order we send them.

They will issue an enforcement notice advising that the debt has been referred to them and they will contact you to arrange payment in full or by instalments.

If you do not pay the bailiff at the compliance stage, or you make an arrangement and fail to pay as agreed they will  visit you  Opens in a new window  to take control of your goods.

When they visit you will have to pay a further fee of £235.00 plus 7.5% of any balance owed over £1500.00.

If you are unable to pay in full they may make a payment arrangement or enter into a controlled goods agreement with you to clear the debt and fees which are owed to them.

If you do not pay as agreed and you have signed a controlled goods agreement, the bailiff may enter your property, by force if necessary, to take the goods listed. It is an offence to stop them carrying out their duties.

If goods have to be removed and sold there are additional costs of £110.00, plus 7.5% of any balance over £1500.00.

You may also be liable to additional costs for locksmiths, auctioneers fees etc.