In 2015 we were given the power to increase council tax to help pay for social care services for adults. These are services which help people with physical or mental disabilities or mental health needs carry out their daily routines. This pot of money is called the Adult Social Care Precept.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust receives 50% of the precept and the remainder, which is just under £700,000, will be used to increase and improve our Adult Social Care partnership with the community. This funding is to help keep the residents of Torbay well, happy and connected to their local community with the aim of increasing the time they can be independent before they require formal health and social care.

We have talked to residents, partners and community and voluntary sector partners about what we should be doing in Torbay to improve their lives. Our vision for this precept is to have thriving people and a thriving economy in the Bay. It will develop communities and neighbourhoods to help people in poverty, develop mutual support and increase employment and volunteering opportunities.

The proposals we have created are designed to have a direct positive impact on people, to keep them well and independent. They complement and develop what is already happening in a number of projects that are already underway and in services that are already in place. This additional funding will increase the pace and improve the outcomes for these projects and services. They also build on the successful partnership work with Voluntary Sector Partners and the people of Torbay during the COVID pandemic.

Our priorities and projects for the precept are outlined below. They have been developed to have a direct positive impact for our residents, to keep you well and independent.

Priority Priorities include Projects include


Support and enable local communities to keep themselves healthy, independent and connected with their local neighbourhood.

Fund projects that help communities take practical social action in their neighbourhood.

Funding for Community Builders to support them in building community projects and connecting people.

Funding to support Wellbeing coordinators. Wellbeing Co-ordinators help people to look at and fix their wellbeing concerns using support and connections in their local community.


Support the community and voluntary sector and providers to be sustainable and focussed on encouraging the community to develop their own ideas.

Make more funding available through the Community Investment fund.

Support the Torbay Voluntary Sector Network.

Develop and support the learning disability community to focus on the best outcomes for them.

Develop and provide support to those who provide mental health support, focussing on peer support.


Provide good information and advice in partnership with the community and voluntary sector.

Fund and support the roll out of the ‘FAIR’ (Financial Advice, Information and Resilience) Information and Advice strategy.


Grow the Community Helpline to support more communities.

Provide staff to support those who use direct payments to refresh and modernise their care.


Ensure equal access to advice and support for people who pay for their own care.

Provide staff to support those who use direct payments to refresh and modernise their care.


Review and modernise our approach to technology, use of disabled facilities grant and equipment.

Fund a review for this.


Support employment and training for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Develop training and employment opportunities, for example – gardening and community green spaces, skills in hospitality and volunteering.


Develop and enhance how housing can keep people healthy, independent and connected.

Invest in Housing partnership work and staffing.

Fund an outreach support worker to help under 50s with complex needs to identify the right housing for them.


Invest in keeping people out of hospital.

A match funding project with Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust and Devon County Council.


Invest in digital solutions/addressing digital exclusion

Support distribution of survey on digital exclusion


Investing in ‘The Melville Project’. A neighbourhood based project to bring everyone together to look at the key issues and develop a template for regenerating other neighbourhoods.

Fund a project to review and build on the ‘Making Melville Marvellous’ Project. With the intention of developing a ‘Torbay blueprint’ for creating solutions together to serious social problems, attracting investment into people and infrastructure projects, creating long term economic redevelopment.

Our Adult Social Care Annual Local Account gives us the opportunity to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year in adult social care and identify areas for further development. You can read the summary here