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Appeal a council tax decision

Find out what you need to do if you think that a decision we've made is wrong.

You can appeal against a decision we have made if:

  • we are charging you council tax and you do not think that you are the person who should pay
  • you think you should get a discount or disabled person reduction and we are not giving you one
  • you think you should be exempt and we have not given you an exemption

You do not have to pay for an appeal.

What information we need to know

To submit an appeal you will need to tell us your:

  • council tax account number
  • property reference number

We will also ask you:

  • to tell us why you think our decision is wrong
  • for documents or information that will support your appeal
Appeal against a council tax decision

What happens next

After applying you must still pay the amount on your council tax bill until you hear from us.

A senior member of staff who was not involved in the original decision will look at your appeal. We will make a decision within two months.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome you can submit an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. You need to do this within two months of our decision date.

Appeal to the Valuation Tribunal

If after a Valuation Tribunal hearing you are still unhappy, a final right of appeal exists to the High Court.

Each case is considered on its own merits. Tribunal decisions are not binding on other tribunals, cases which set a precedent via the High Court are.