We are currently consulting on the content of the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan. Please see the drop down box below for further details. Representations must be received by 09:00 on Monday 18 December 2017.

Consultation on the renewal of Torquay Neighbourhood Forum’s status and their associated Neighbourhood Area has now closed. The application can still be viewed via the relevant drop down box below.

We are currently publicising the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan for consultation and any representations must be received by 09:00 on Monday 18 December 2017. The relevant documents are available below. We would request that, if possible, your representations are emailed directly to neighbourhood.plans@torbay.gov.uk and the relevant Neighbourhood Plan identified (in this case Torquay) within the Subject. Alternatively, responses can be posted to “Neighbourhood Plans”, Spatial Planning, Electric House, Castle Circus, Torquay, TQ1 3DR – again making it clear that your representation relates to the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan. In accordance with the appropriate regulations, all comments should be sent to Torbay Council who will forward correspondence on for consideration by an Independent Examiner (who has not yet been appointed).

This consultation follows the pre-submission consultations carried out by the forums. Following those consultations the Plans were reviewed and modified where the forums felt it was appropriate to do so. This the final chance to have your say before the Plans undergo an independent Examination and therefore all pertinent points should be made now.

It would be helpful, if you choose to make a representation, to include your details and any particular position held (landowner, business, organisation, neighbourhood forum member, resident etc). If you wish to be notified of the Examination Hearing (if the Examiner(s) considers one should be held), please include this in your response. Any representations may include a request to be notified of the local planning authority’s decision under regulation 19 (decision on making or refusing a neighbourhood development plan). All representations are likely to be made public (as is the case for those who make representations on planning applications, with signatures and some personal details redacted).

Submitted Plan
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Policies Maps
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Basic Conditions Statement
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Consultation Statement
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Sustainability Appraisal
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan

Please note The Torquay Neighbourhood Forum have their own website ( http://torquaynp.org/  Opens in a new window ) which has up to date information on progress, events and how to get involved.

Consultation in relation to Torquay Neighbourhood Forum’s status and associated Neighbourhood Area closed on Monday 20 November 2017.

The original application for Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum status in Torquay was approved in December 2012. The area is based on existing Community Partnership areas:

  • Torre and Upton
  • Torquay Town Centre
  • Shiphay and The Willows
  • Wellswood and Torwood
  • St. Marychurch and District
  • Ellacombe
  • Cockington
  • Chelston and Livermead
  • Barton and Watcombe
  • Hele and Lower Barton

Forum status expires after 5 years (ie. for Torquay the forum status is due to expire in December 2017). It is for that reason, that we consulted on the intention of the Forum to renew their status as a ‘Qualifying Body’ (ie. Neighbourhood Forum) and their associated Neighbourhood Area. The application can be viewed below.

Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5) - 2017.