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Council tax

Find out how to pay your council tax and how to apply for discounts, exemptions and reductions and view your valuation bands.

Your bill explained

Help to understand your council tax bill.

Register with My Torbay

Find out how to register, access and manage your Council Tax or Business Rates accounts online.

How much help can you get with your council tax?

Find out about the local scheme that can reduce your council tax bill if you are on a low income.

How much is your bill?

Find out the council tax band and charge for your property.

About the council

Find out about your local councillor, council meetings, policies and our current job vacancies.

Information for landlords

Find out about council tax if you are a landlord or agent and tell us about changes.

Request a refund

Find out how to request a refund if you have overpaid your council tax.

Rearrange your payments

Find out how to change the frequency, date or method of your council tax payments.

Having problems paying

Information that may help if you are having difficulty paying your council tax.

Paying your bill

Find out how to pay your council tax or change your payment details.

Who has to pay?

Find out who is responsible for paying the council tax charge for a property.

Can you reduce your bill?

Find out if you are entitled to a discount, exemption or council tax support to reduce your bill.

How is your money spent?

Find out how your council tax money is allocated and spent on local services.

You think you’re receiving the wrong amount

What to do if you think your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support is wrong.


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RSS feeds

Get the latest news and information from Torbay Council delivered via RSS.

Tell us about a change in your circumstances

Find out what changes you need to tell us about so that you don't pay the wrong amount of council tax.

Get a copy bill

Find out the easiest way to view and get copies of your bill

Contact us

Find out how to get in touch with our departments, such as Council Tax, Benefits or Waste and Recycling via telephone or online.