We have had to change the way that some of our services operate to meet the guidelines set out by the government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

DHP can provide additional temporary payments or one off help if you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs and are suffering financial hardship. Help that can be provided:

  • Rent in advance for people who need to move - this is normally for those at risk of homelessness. You will not be able to get help with rent in advance if the rent on the new property is more than 10% above your Local Housing Allowance rate.
  • Other costs associated with moving home. If you have an essential need to move you may be able to get help with other costs associated with moving home if they cannot be avoided e.g. removal costs or temporary storage.
  • Extra help with your ongoing rent payments where your housing benefit or universal credit housing costs do not cover your full rent, for example you are affected by the bedroom tax, the benefit cap.
  • Rent arrears if an award is likely to prevent homelessness.

DHP cannot be used for:

  • Services included in your rent, such as fuel costs, water rates or meals
  • An overpayment that we are recovering from your benefit
  • A drop in your income because you have a sanction on another benefit
  • Deposits. Torbay Council operates a Deposit Bond Scheme. If you need help with a deposit as well as rent in advance you can let us know on the DHP application and the DHP Team will refer your case to the Bond Officer. Please see our Bond Scheme for further information about how the Bond Scheme works. You should check the new landlord will accept a Deposit Bond before applying.

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Rent in advance
If you cannot claim Discretionary Housing Payments because you do not receive either Housing Benefit or the Universal Credit housing costs element you may be eligible for Crisis Support to help with rent in advance.

The Council runs a Deposit Bond Scheme which provides an alternative to cash deposits.