We can help if you are struggling with the costs of essential household items.

The help you'll get

We can help you pay for:

  • food
  • essential items like cleaning products and sanitary products
  • laundry costs
  • energy bills or topping up your meter
  • warm clothing or blankets
  • repairs or replacement of fridges, freezers, cookers, heaters or boilers
  • internet and phone bills
  • essential transport costs
  • rent in advance, rent deposits or rent arrears
  • emergency removals and storage
  • prescriptions if you pay for them
  • things you can't from food banks like pet food and 

Who can apply

You can apply for help with if:

  • you are over 16
  • you live in Torbay
  • you are struggling to pay for household essentials

How we can help

We will contact you to talk about your needs and how we can help. This might include:

  • getting white goods from Refurnish or Turntable
  • making a payment into your bank account if you need to buy things

What we need to see

If you already claim benefits we'll use the information we know about you to process your application. If we can't do this then you may need to give us:

  • proof of your income
  • your bank details

  Get help with household essentials

What happens next

Once you have applied you must send us the documents we need that support your application.

  Send us your documents

We will look at applications in the order we get them but urgent applications will get priority. We may call or email you if we need to talk to you about:

  • your application
  • documents we may need to support your application.

We may check some details with:

  • the Department of Work and Pensions
  • other council departments
  • government approved verification services

Wherever we can we will help you. You won't have to pay anything back.

If you are unhappy with a decision we make about your application you can ask us to look at it.