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Give notice

Make an appointment to give notice of your intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership.

Once you have booked your venue and ceremony you will then need to book an appointment to 'give notice'. This is to register your intention to get married or enter into a civil partnership.

You must give notice 28 full days before the date of your ceremony. You must have lived in Torbay for at least eight nights immediately before you give notice.

If you or your partner is from outside the EU, European Economic Area (EEA) or from Switzerland you will need to give notice together, even if you don’t both live in Torbay. You may need to wait up to 70 days before getting married or forming a civil partnership.

Book an appointment to give notice

If you don't live in Torbay you must give notice to the Register Office where you live.

You and your partner will need to give notice separately if you live in different registration districts. You do not have to do this on the same day.

Find a Register Office

What to bring to the appointment

You will need to bring certain documents with you to confirm your name, age, marital status and nationality. Please see the documents you’ll need to give notice for an exact list of what you’ll need to bring to the appointment.


There is a charge for you to give notice. To see the amount you will need to pay, check the marriage and civil partnership fees.

Making changes to your plans

A notice is venue specific and valid for 12 months from the date the notice is given.

If you decide to change the venue or move the date beyond 12 months after you give notice you will need to give notice again and pay the fees again.

Contact Registrars