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Correct a death registration

Who can apply for a correction and how you correct a mistake on a death registration.

Corrections can only be made if the original information is wrong.

We may be able to make the correction but if we can't you will need to send an application to General Registration Office (GRO).

Who can make a correction

Anyone can apply for a correction. The GRO will usually need a letter from the person who first registered the death.


It costs £75 for corrections that we can make and £90 if the correction has to be sent to the GRO.

How to apply

Fill in the application form and send it to us with proof that shows the correct information. These documents should be valid or dated around the date of death.

Correct details on a death registration

What will happen

We will look at your application and contact you within 5 days of receiving it.

The original information will always be shown in the register. After the correction, a note will be added to the margin of the register. This will explain what the correct information is and when the correction was made.

If you apply for a new death certificate the note will show in the margin.

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