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Arrange a funeral

Guidance on arranging a funeral with or without the services of a funeral director.

Once you have registered a death you will get a green form that allows the burial or cremation to go ahead.

You can pay for a funeral director to arrange the funeral or do it yourself. You can find out more in the arrange a funeral guide.

We may have a duty to help out and arrange a public funeral when someone in Torbay dies. This can happen if:

  • we can't find the next of kin
  • the next of kin are unable to make arrangements for a funeral
  • the next of kin are unwilling to make arrangements for a funeral

Get help paying for a funeral

You could get a Funeral Expenses Payment (also called a Funeral Payment) if you get certain benefits and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging.

Get help with funeral costs

The Children’s Funeral Fund for England can help to pay for some of the costs of a funeral for a child under 18 or a baby stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy.

If you are using a funeral director you do not need to submit any claims yourself.

Get help for a child's funeral costs

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