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Change a civil partnership to a marriage

Find out how to convert your civil partnership to a marriage.

Couples in a civil partnership can change their partnership to a marriage at the register office.

The ‘conversion’ is a legal paper process with the option to have a celebratory ceremony.

You need to book an appointment and visit the register office to make a conversion. You will complete a declaration with details about you and your civil partnership.

You need to bring these documents to your appointment:

  • a passport or birth certificate for each partner
  • proof of address (utility or council tax bill)
  • your original civil partnership certificate

You can choose to say the declaration wording aloud to one another before signing the conversion document. Your marriage is then registered and a marriage certificate will be issued.

Holding a ceremony

After signing the declaration you can hold a ceremony designed to suit you.

It can take place at the register office or at a venue where same sex couples can get married.

After the ceremony your marriage is registered and you'll get a marriage certificate. You can collect your marriage certificate from the register office or it's posted to you.


A standard conversion at the Register Office is £49.

If would like to have a conversion followed by a ceremony please contact us for details.

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