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Citizenship ceremonies

Find out how to book and attend a ceremony.

Before you can attend a citizenship ceremony you must apply to the Home Office for British citizenship.

Apply for British citizenship

Once you get your invitation letter from the Home Office you can book a citizenship ceremony.

The ceremony is to welcome you to British Citizenship and into the local community.

We hold group ceremonies for up to 50 new citizens every 6 to 8 weeks in Torbay. We'll book you on to the next available ceremony. Our aim is for you to attend a ceremony within one month of contacting us.

You should have your ceremony within 11 weeks of getting your invitation letter. If you can't attend a ceremony within this time, you can apply to the Home Office for an extension.

During the ceremony

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony to register. The ceremony will take approximately 40 minutes so allow between one and two hours. You may want to take photographs at the end of the ceremony.

During the ceremony, we talk about what it means to be British and part of the community in Torbay. The Union flag and a portrait of the King are on display and the national anthem is played at the end of the ceremony.

Each new citizen will:

  • read their oath or affirmation
  • make a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom
  • be presented with their Certificate of Naturalisation from one of the attending dignitaries
  • get a welcome pack

What to bring to the ceremony

Please bring:

  • your original invitation letter or email version from the Home Office
  • your passport or photo ID


If you would like to have your family or friends at the ceremony, you are welcome to bring guests. Please talk to us about numbers.

If you are applying for citizenship for children they do not have to attend a ceremony.

If you arrange a private ceremony you may bring up to 2 guests.

Private ceremonies

You may request a private or family ceremony for a fee of £111. When you contact us to arrange your ceremony let us know and we will go through your options.

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