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Torbay Local Plan

Saved Adopted Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011


The Saved Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011 provides a framework for the sustainable development of Torbay. It aims to maintain a balance between the need to provide homes, jobs and community facilities and at the same time to protect the high quality of Torbay's environment which is clearly so important to the overall attractiveness of the area.  Planning applications are determined within the policies and proposals set out in the Local Plan and any development has to be in accordance with these policies.
Although dated until 2011, the majority of its policies and proposals have been saved, subject to their consistency with the National Planning Policy Framework (see below).  
The emerging Local Plan 'A landscape for success: The Plan for Torbay to 2032 and beyond' will shortly replace the Saved Adopted Torbay Local Plan.

What is the status of the Adopted Plan?

The Adopted Plan was adopted with modifications on 5th April 2004. It provides the basis for land-use planning until superseded by the new Local Plan 'A Landscape for Success: The Plan for Torbay - 2012 to 2032 and beyond'.
The preparation of the Plan is a statutory process which involved a number of formal stages leading up to its adoption, and the Adopted Plan superseded all other versions of the Torbay Local Plan. The Saved Adopted Plan is available at the foot of this page.

Stage 6 - Adopted with modifications 5 April 2004 / published September 2004

The Local Plan is a 'saved' plan.

Under the 2004 Act, the policies and proposals of the Local Plan were saved until September 2007. Following application to the Secretary of State in March 2007, all but three policies (L7, EP11 and W1) in the Adopted Local Plan have been saved to ensure continuity in the plan-led system.  The relevant documentation relating to the further saving of Local Plan policies can be accessed via the link below.
The Government published the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in March 2012. This indicates that “due weight should be given to relevant policies in existing plans according to their degree of consistency with this framework (the closer the policies in the plan to the policies in the Framework, the greater the weight that may be given)”.
The Council has assessed the Saved Local Plan against the NPPF, and this assessment is set out below.
The Devon Structure Plan (along with the Regional Spatial Strategy) was revoked in March 2013 and is no longer part of the development plan.

Where can I view or purchase a copy of the Adopted Plan?

The Adopted Plan is available for purchase from Spatial Planning at the address below at a price of £50 (plus £10 P&P), comprising a Written Statement and Proposals Map Booklet with Key and Town Centre Inset Maps, accompanied by the Environmental Guide. A CD-ROM version of the Plan is also enclosed in every folder. Alternatively, the CD-ROM can be purchased on its own for £5.
Paper copies of the Adopted Plan are available for purchase or inspection at any of the following locations:
The Adopted Plan is also available on the Planning Portal website.
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