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Self Build

It can be hard to get a foot on the property ladder. This is particularly true for young people. Saving for a deposit can take a long time. Even if you do have the finances in place, finding somewhere that you like and can afford in Torbay can be tricky. Self-build may be the solution to this issue that you haven’t considered yet. 

We support access to affordable and market housing for local people. This includes supporting people wishing to build their own homes in Torbay. These different options help to meet housing needs in Torbay. 

Self-build housing typically involves hiring a builder, contractor, or package company. They will then construct a new house according to your specifications. However, some people physically build their home themselves.

You can tailor self-build to meet your scale of ambition and skills. This could mean building from scratch or just applying the finishing touches. We are still considering what options could be available, but they might include:

  • final-finish – where you will decorate and complete external landscaping;
  • self-finish – add all fixtures and fittings, as well as decorating. Finish walls, floors and ceilings and internal doors. Install the kitchen and bathroom and complete external landscaping;
  • watertight shell – complete a building that is watertight. Complete all internal structures, wiring and plumbing. This is as well as all those things included in the self-finish option;
  • serviced plot – build your own home on a plot which has electricity, sewerage, access etc. The plot will already have detailed or outlined planning permission. This option also includes community-led housing projects. This is where individuals join together to construct many dwellings. Also included are residential refurbishment projects. This is the conversion or regeneration or disused buildings into dwellings.

In addition, we are exploring what options might work best in Torbay. This will be informed by the ‘Self and Custom Build Interest Register’ (see below). We are also considering how to support self-builders. For example, by providing building skills training.

Planning and Development

The Torbay Local Plan 2012-2030 establishes a range of planning policies. This is to manage new development in the Bay over the next 15 years or so. This includes self-build affordable housing and exception sites, which enables:

  • making affordable self-build plots and custom build opportunities available as a proportion of affordable housing requirements on large housing sites
  • opportunities for rural exception sites to put forward as affordable self-build housing plots

Group self-build

We support both groups of people and individuals to enable self-build opportunities. Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are just one possible model for group self-build. CLTs are non-profit, community-based organisations. They develop:

  • housing
  • employment space
  • community facilities or other assets that meet the needs of the community

They are owned and controlled by the community. Assets built by a CLT should be available at permanently affordable levels. CLTs help people in housing need to self-build affordable homes within existing settlements.

Self and custom build interest register

We have created a register of everyone interested in opportunities to self-build in Torbay. This is to help the us understand the local demand for self-build housing. The Government requires all Local Authorities to hold a register of interested individuals or associations. 

The form is intended for individuals or groups who want to build multiple self-build homes together. It allows group members to register their interest. It's important to note that each individual member must complete the form separately. 

If you would like further information on about potential opportunities in Torbay, please get in touch

This form allows you to register your interest in building a home alone or in a group.  

Further information and guidance