All documents relevant to the development of New Local Plan can be found in the Examination Library.

In December 2015, Torbay Council adopted the Torbay Local Plan. The Adopted Plan forms part of the development plan for Torbay and provide the basis for decisions on spatial planning within Torbay over the next fifteen or so years.

As a consequence of Adoption, and consistent with the relevant Local Planning and Environmental Assessment Regulations, the following documents were prepared:

Sustainability Appraisal Report
Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement
Notice of Adoption
Adoption Statement
Adoption Statement Appendix A
Adoption Statement Appendix B
Adoption Statement Appendix C
Adoption Statement Appendix D
Adoption Statement Appendix E
Adoption Statement Appendix F

For information, the Adopted Plan comprises the Torbay Local Plan - Proposed Submission Plan (February 2014), as modified by the Replacement Main Modifications, Replacement Additional (Minor) Modifications and Further Additional Modifications set out in the Appendices to the Local Plan Adoption Statement (see above document links). This latter document sets out the procedural basis for Adoption. Accordingly, the Adopted Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011 is now superseded by the newly Adopted Torbay Local Plan 2012-2030.

We have prepared the final edited version of the Adopted Torbay Local Plan containing all Modifications contained in the published Local Plan Adoption Statement.

The Local Plan is be available to view on the new local plan webpage or to purchase as a hard copy or on a USB memory stick (in PDF).

The examination into the Torbay Local Plan concluded that the Plan is sound, subject to a number of modifications. The Main Modifications are summarised as;

  • Revise the plan period to 2012-2030.
  • As a consequence revise the quantum of housing to be planned for to 8,900 dwellings
  • Add provision for Torbay Council to undertake the necessary development plan work if the proposed Neighbourhood Plans do not follow the Council’s strategy.
  • Add Churston Golf Club to the list of possible housing sites for the medium/long term.
Report on the Examination into Torbay Local Plan

We replaced the previous proposed modification documents with the Proposed Replacement Modifications were consulted on from 22 June to 3 August 2015.

Documents which were the subject of this consultation are available from the Examination Library labelled TCRMOD/1 to TCRMOD/9.

Representations and our response to them  are available from the Examination Library labelled TCRMOD/10 to TCRMOD/18.

We have sent them to the Inspector and are now awaiting his response.​

We have produced proposed modifications to the Local Plan which can be viewed via the Examination Library.

Documents in the library labelled TCMOD followed by a number highlight documents most relevant to this stage.

NB: These modifications have now been withdrawn.

The hearing sessions of the examination started on Tuesday 18 November 2014. The Inspector completed the examination hearings on Thursday 20 November 2014. 

The Examination Library document contains all the relevant material and correspondence between the Council and the Examination Inspector.

Examination Library (Version 24)
This examination library has been published as a resource that gives easy access to the documents related to the examination of the Torbay Local Plan.

The Programme Officer responsible for assisting the Inspector with all aspects of the examination management and administration is Robert Young. He is independent of the Council and is the contact for the Inspector.

Tel: 07547 227036