We strongly recommend that you seek the services of a professional architect if you are applying for planning permission, but if you are not employing an architect then please follow the advice below to ensure that your application is made correctly.

National requirements

The national requirements for the submission of planning applications are set out in the Development Management Procedure Order which states that in order for a planning application to be valid the following must be submitted:

  • Relevant application form completed in full, including signed Ownership Certificate, Agricultural Land Declaration and Declaration (original and 1 copy unless submitted electronically)
  • Appropriate fee

Accompanied by following plans/documents:

  • Site Location Plans - Not required for applications to remove or vary conditions, applications where the development has already been carried out 
  • A Flood Risk Assessment
  • A Design and Access Statement if necessary
  • Any other plans, drawings and information necessary to describe the development which is the subject of the application.

Local requirements

In addition to the national requirements, we have our own requirements reflecting the character and the nature of Torbay, as well as the need to achieve high quality development in such a unique place.

However, the documents and plans listed will not always be required and it will depend on the specific circumstances of the development. Whilst information is provided in the tables describing when each document or plan should be included in the submission, applicants are encouraged to carry out a pre-application enquiry to confirm the content of their application.