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Apply for planning permission

Find out about submitting a planning application for a property in Torbay.

When you apply for planning permission, we recommend getting help from a professional. If this is not the case, follow the advice on these pages to make sure your application is correct.   

  1. Select your application type. 
  2. Fill in the application form. 
  3. Make your plans and documents. 
  4. Find out the fee you need to pay. 
  5. Find out if you need a Planning Obligation/Community Infrastructure Levy. 
  6. Submit your form, plans and documents, and fee to us. 

If you provide paper documents, we will not return them. You may wish to send copies, not originals. 

Our preferred method of receiving applications is via the Planning Portal. 

You must pay any fees due via the Planning Portal before they pass applications to us. 

Planning Portal charge for some services. If submitting your application via Planning Portal, please note the following: 

Planning Portal Customer Support Team 

  • Telephone - 0333 323 4589