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If you are employed

Information on how earnings are used when working out benefit.

Caravan pitch or boat mooring

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if your caravan or boat mooring is empty.

Can students claim?

information on which students can claim.

Bailiffs (enforcement agents)

Information on their procedures and fees.

Paying your bill

Information on how to pay your bill and changing your instalments

Disabled person’s band reduction

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone living with you has a disability.

Empty homes

Find out about empty homes and what you should do if you know of one.

Debt and money problems

Find out who can help you if you have debt and money problems.

Fair Debt Collection Policy

Find out how we collect money for Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefit Overpayments, Sundry Debts and Miscellaneous Income, and Parking Penalty Charge Notices.

Behind or struggling with your payments

Find out what to do if you are behind with your payments.

Upload your documents and evidence

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Tell us about a change

Any changes that might affect your council tax bill should be reported to us immediately.

What evidence we need

Find out what proof we need for your claim.

When will your claim start?

Information on when your claim will start.

You think your bill is wrong

Information on what to do if you think your bill is wrong

Tell us someone has died

What we need to know when someone has died


When we send appeals to the Tribunal Service.

Business Rates Hardship

Find out how we will determine that a business is eligible for a reduction in business rates.

What to do if you receive a summons

Find out about what to do if you receive a summons

Ask us to make a payment arrangement

If you want us to consider lower repayments then you will need to complete a financial assessment form.