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Our pledge

Find out about our vision for SEND in the local area.

Torbay has co-produced a vision for SEND within the local area:

  • SEND is everybody’s business - embedding the vision and values into the practice of everyone who works with children and families from 0-25
  • Identify and respond to needs early - in ways that value lived experience and expertise and offers personalised care and support.
  • Deliver in the right place at the right time - always asking ‘so what difference are we making in the life of children or young people’?

Our ambition is to create a prosperous and healthy Torbay. By focusing on this ambition, we are working towards ensuring that our communities thrive. Protecting children and giving them the best start in life is one of the key areas where we will target our actions as we strive to meet our ambition. As a whole system, we are committed to improving outcomes for children and families.

Our pledge is at the heart of providing high-quality services across our local area. This document has been created to describe the values and behaviours that our children, young people and families wish to experience in the delivery of SEND services and support across our local area. Regardless of role, employer or organisation, our pledge asks for everyone within the local area to work in the way that is important to our children, young people and families, turning this into the lived experience that we all deserve.

It has been designed to provide an easy reference and description of the values and behaviours required across our system.