Term Dates 2018/19
Term Starts Ends Half term
Autumn Tuesday 4 September Friday 21 December Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October
Christmas break Monday 24 December Friday 4 January N/A
Spring Monday 7 January Friday 5 April Monday 18 February to Friday 22 February
Easter break Monday 8 April Monday 22 April N/A
Summer term Tuesday 23 April Tuesday 23 July Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May
Term Dates 2019/20
Term Starts Ends Half term
Autumn Tuesday 3 September Friday 20 December Monday 21 October to Friday 25 October
Christmas break Monday 23 December Friday 3 January N/A
Spring Monday 6 January Friday 27 March Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February
Easter break Monday 30 March Tuesday 14 April N/A
Summer term Tuesday 14 April Tuesday 21 July Monday 25 May to Friday 29 May

School Term and Holiday dates are set by the us and apply to all Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools. Governing Bodies of Academies, Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools are recommended to adopt the dates set by us.

Term dates are based on a school year of around 195 days, although individual schools can use five of these days for staff training inset days. Contact your child's school for details of inset dates.