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Budget 2022/23

Find out about the budget that the Cabinet is proposing for the 2022/23 financial year.

Change how and when you pay

Ask us to make changes to the way you pay or how often you pay your Council Tax.

Single Person Discount (SPD) Review

What to do if you have received a SPD review letter.

Tell us someone has died

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone has passed away.

Deductions for other adults living with you

Information on deductions for non-dependants that could reduce the amount of council tax support you get.

Financial assessment form

If you want us to consider lower repayments then you will need to complete a financial assessment form.

Other financial help

Information about other financial help available

Chief Finance Officer’s Report

Further information to support the Partnership’s draft Budget for 2022/23

Disputes about charges for an unoccupied property

Find out how to avoid disputes for charges when tenants vacate.

Valuation Office Agency New Standards

Guidance on the Valuation Office Agency’s standards for business rates and council tax representation

How you will be paid

Details of how landlords receive their tenants Housing Benefit.

Repaying your overpayment

How to pay back Housing Benefit if you have been overpaid.

Pay an invoice in full

or  Post Office  Opens in a new window . Please take your invoice or final notice with you. Direct Debit   Set up a Direct Debit Contact Benefits Contact us More in Benefits and Support Housing Benefit Pension age council tax support Working age council tax support Household support fund Welfare support

My tenant is in arrears

What we can do if your tenant is behind with the rent.

How much help can you get?

Find out how much help you can get with your council tax if you are of pension age.

Report a benefit cheat

Tell us about people who might be committing benefit fraud.

Cabinet’s Response to Consultation

Provides the Cabinet’s response to the consultation and amended budget proposals

Deductions for 2022 to 2023

£16.45 In receipt of pension credit Nil Students or student nurses Nil All others £16.45 Contact Benefits Contact us More in Benefits and Support Housing Benefit Pension age council tax support Working age council tax support Household support fund Welfare support fund Receiving

Fair Debt Collection Policy

Find out how we collect money for Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefit Overpayments, Sundry Debts and Miscellaneous Income, and Parking Penalty Charge Notices.

If you are self-employed

Information on how self-employed earnings are calculated when working out Housing Benefit.