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Disputes about charges for an unoccupied property

Find out how to avoid disputes for charges when tenants vacate.

Benefit Cap

Information about the benefit cap.


How and where to register your child's birth.

Online benefits calculators

Find out how much help you could get.

Tell Us Once

How we can help you notify organisations of a death.

How the council works

Find your parliamentary representative and learn how we conduct our business.

Landlords information

Information about how you may be affected if tenants claim help with their rent.

Late appeals

Information on what happens when we receive a late appeal.

Paying by instalments

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Council meetings and decisions

Details of meetings and decisions, including access to minutes and agendas, and how to get involved.

Tell us about a move or any changes

Find out what changes you need to tell us about so that you don't pay the wrong amount of council tax.

Reducing the bill for people on low income

Find out about help available for someone on a low

Explanations and appeals

What you need to do if you think that a decision we've made is wrong.

Brixham Town Council

Find out about the elections held to elect the Councillors (Members) of Brixham Town Council including the results of past elections.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

Extra help with housing costs for people who receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit for Housing Costs

DHP coronavirus updates

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Tree planting

Find out about our tree planting programme which forms a key part of our commitment to tackling the climate emergency.

How different tenancies affect who is responsible to pay

Information on how a tenancy affects unoccupied periods.

Other financial help

Information about other financial help available

Other ways to reduce your bill

Other ways you may be able to reduce your bill