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Finding a home

Information and advice on finding somewhere to rent.

There are two types of homes to rent in Torbay:

  • housing association properties
  • private rented accommodation

Renting a housing association property

You can apply to join the waiting lists for a housing association property by registering with Devon Home Choice.

The number of properties available is limited and there is a long waiting list so most people will not be successful in getting a social housing property.

If you are successful it can typically take 18 to 24 months, so if you need to move quickly then you should not rely on a Devon Home Choice application to find a home.

Full details on how Devon Home Choice works and how to apply can be found on our join the housing waiting list page.

If you already live in a housing association property and don’t have an urgent need to move you can register with HomeSwapper  to find another social housing tenant to swap homes with.

Renting from a private landlord

There are a wide variety of homes to rent in the private sector.

Make sure you consider carefully how much you can pay when you are looking at properties. You should work out how much rent you can afford.

If you are relying on Housing Benefit to help with your rent, you will need to know how many bedrooms you are entitled to and your Local Housing Allowance rate. You should also see how much help you can get with your rent.

Ways to find a home to rent

You can find properties to rent through:

  • local letting agents
  • adverts in local newspapers
  • adverts in shops
  • the internet
  • word of mouth

You need to find a property that is the right size and has everything you need. You will need to make sure that you can afford to pay:

  • the rent
  • all the household bills
  • all other expenses

You can find more information about finding a private rented home from Shelter.

Agency fees or credit checks

You may have to pay fees for using a rental agency or for credit checks. There is no help available towards these fees.

Help with rent in advance and deposits

We cannot act as a guarantor for your tenancy, but there are schemes which may help with rent in advance and deposits.

There are different schemes depending on what help you need and whether you are currently receiving any Housing Benefit.

Deposit only

If you only need help with a deposit you can find full details on our deposit bond scheme and how to apply on our get help with a deposit page.

Rent in advance only or rent in advance and a deposit

How you apply depends on if you are currently receiving Housing Benefit.

I am currently getting Housing Benefit

I am not currently getting Housing Benefit

You can find more information about the renting from a private landlord from Shelter.

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