In 2016 we offered to support the Home Office Vulnerable Person’s Resettlement Scheme for those families fleeing conflict in Syria. Our pledge was to welcome four families over 2016 and 2017 and we were able to fulfil our pledge. The families remain in Torbay.

Based on our experience of supporting the Syrian families, we have once again offered to support the Home Office’s schemes to resettle families from Afghanistan. Two schemes are being run, the first is the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy. This scheme supports individuals and their families who had previously worked for the Ministry of Defence or UK Government in Afghanistan. The second is the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme which has been set up to support a wider number of families identified as being at risk.

We work with partners across a wide range of agencies to ensure that families are accessing the correct services and support, are supported to access opportunities and are encouraged to be part of the wider community. We hope Torbay’s residents will once again work together to welcome them and help them enjoy a happy, healthy and safe quality of life.

We are able to make the offer to resettle families as a direct result of the help and support given by Torbay residents in relation to housing, goods, and offers of practical support.

For further information about refugees in Torbay see our frequently asked questions.