If we cannot prevent a household from becoming homeless, we may have a duty to provide temporary accommodation for some households with vulnerable members.

This accommodation could be bed and breakfast accommodation in emergencies, or other facilities that we have sourced to meet this duty. Managing this accommodation to meet our demand can be challenging, and may mean that we have to ask households to move at short notice.

If you are in our emergency accommodation, it is important to continue to look for appropriate longer term accommodation options, and we except you to be looking at all options to secure this.

It’s very important that anyone who is placed in our emergency accommodation observes all the house rules of the accommodation, and sticks to the terms of the license agreement they will have signed before moving in. Breaking the terms of your licence agreement may put your accommodation at risk.

If we accept a homeless duty to your household, this duty can be discharged by an offer of appropriate accommodation from either the social or private sector.

Top up charges

Whilst in Temporary Accommodation provided by us, you will be charged a small weekly ‘Top Up Fee’ for your accommodation. This will be discussed with you at your homeless application and detailed in the ‘Temporary Accommodation Licence Agreement’ that you and your housing officer will sign at your appointment.

If you have a query in relation to these charges please complete the the Housing Enquiry form.   You will need to select 'Temporary Accommodation' when asked about the nature of your enquiry, followed by 'Top up payments' when asked about your query.

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