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Information we need to make sure you get the right bill

Find out what information we need to make sure your bill is correct.

To make sure your first bill is for the right amount we need to know about:

  • any changes to your tenants
  • details of all tenancy agreements
  • any unoccupied periods in the property

By law, the owner, managing agent or resident of a property must give us certain information if they have it. We need to know:

  • if the property is rented as furnished or unfurnished
  • the tenant’s full name
  • the start and end date of their tenancy agreement
  • if they moved in or out on a different date to the start or end of their tenancy
  • where you have more than one tenant if there is a joint tenancy or separate agreements

If you wish to remain liable for the payments, you will need to either:

  • confirm this in writing
  • supply a copy of the tenancy agreement showing you are responsible for the charge

You do not have to tell us your tenants’ previous or forwarding addresses, but it is helpful if you can.

Using an agent

If you have an agent who deals with the property on your behalf:

  • let us know their name and address
  • give us the authority to discuss the council tax account and your tenant with them


Tell us straight away about any changes that might affect the council tax for your property.

Tell us about a change

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