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Reminders and final notices

Information about when we issue reminders and final notices

Bailiffs (enforcement agents)

Information on their procedures and fees.

What to do if you receive a summons

Find out about what to do if you receive a summons

Single Person Discount (SPD) Review

What to do if you have received a SPD review letter.

Information we need to make sure you get the right bill

Find out what information we need to make sure your bill is correct.

Information and data

How to find or ask for general or personal information held by us.

Planning policies

Find plans and policies including the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plans and Masterplans.

Advice for landlords

Get help and advice if you are a landlord renting a property or are thinking of becoming a landlord.

Advice for homeowners

Get help and advice if you own your home.

Fit for the future

Find out how we plan to transform the way we deliver services to improve outcomes for the community.

Children, Families and Schools

Read our plans, policies and reports that relate to children, young people and families.

Performance Management

Find out how we are managing risk and performance within the organisation.

Pay an invoice

Find out how to make a payment (sundry debtors) for a service we provide.

0-19yrs Integrated Commissioning Project

We are undertaking a major project relating to the future shaping of services for 0-19 year olds.

Landlords information

Details for landlords, or agents, about how you are affected if any of your tenants claim benefit to help with their rent.

Noise Toolkit

Find out how to deal with a noise nuisance and how to make an official complaint about noise.

Consumer advice

Find an approved trader and get consumer help and advice.

Licensing and permits

Information, guidance and applications for all licences and permits required by businesses in Torbay.

Health Unlocked

Find thousands of local health services and online communities from a single search.

Public health

Find out how we aim to improve the health of local residents and prevent risks to public health.