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Bus Passes

Torbay Council is responsible for the administration of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (Free Bus Pass Scheme), for residents in Torbay.  This scheme allows free off-peak travel* across England on local bus services for older and disabled people.
*0930-2300 Monday to Friday and at any time at weekends or on Bank Holidays.


To apply for a free bus pass you must be a permanent resident of Torbay (if you are unsure, check which authority collects your council tax ). You must also be eligible on grounds of age or disability.


From 6 April 2010 the age at which people become eligible for concessionary travel changed. This is in line with changes which are being made to the state pension age.
As the pensionable age for women gradually increases from 60 to 65 over the ten-year period from 2010 to 2020, so too will the age of eligibility for the concessionary bus pass for both men and women. These changes will not affect anyone already in possession of a bus pass.
You can calculate the date on which you will become eligible for a bus pass by reason of age by using the pensionable age opens in a new window.  (Please note that men must select the female option in order identify the correct eligibility date for a bus pass.)


If you are not eligible by reason of age you must have a disability that;
  1. Is permanent or ‘long term’(i.e. is likely to last for at least a year)
  2. Has a substantial and adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities.
  3. Falls into one one or more of the following categories;
    • Blind or partially sighted
    • Profoundly or severely deaf
    • Without speech
    • Unable or virtually unable to walk**
    • Without arms, or long term use of arms**
    • Have a learning disability (that is ‘a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning’ )
    • Persons who would be refused a driving licence on medical grounds (excluding the misuse of drugs or alcohol)
** Please note: that only those in receipt of Disability Living Allowance with the higher rate mobility component or a disabled persons blue badge will automatically qualify.
As medical conditions can change over time, in most cases disabled person’s passes will not be renewed automatically upon expiry and fresh documentary evidence will be required as detailed on page 2 of the application form. If you hold a disabled pass that is about to expire and need advice about this please call the Concessionary Fares Desk on 01803 207766
Carer’s passes are not given financial support by Central Government, and regrettably for this reason, they are not issued by Torbay Council.

Applications and Renewals


You will need to complete the application form below (forms are also available from any of our issuing outlets).
You will then need to take your completed form, together with one document as proof of residency and one document for proof of eligibility (a list of what is accepted can be found on the second page of the application form), to one of the following issuing outlets:


Please note that in order to reduce costs Torbay Council will no longer issue renewal reminders. When your pass is about to expire it will be your responsibility to re-apply. You should do this one month in advance of expiry. If you do not qualify by reason of age you must provide current evidence confirming your eligibility for a disabled person’s pass by producing one of the documents specified on the application form.

Lost or Stolen Passes

If your pass has been lost or stolen please contact the Concessionary Fares Desk on 01803 207766.  Passes that are lost, quite often turn up a few days later. We recommend waiting a few days before applying for a new one. If your pass is returned to us will make arrangements to return it.
There is a £10 charge for the replacement of a lost pass. If you wish to apply for a replacement you will need to attend an issuing office personally and bring proof of your identity with you.

Change of Details

Please notify the Concessionary Fares Desk of any change to your contact or personal details.  If you are moving from Torbay, you should surrender your pass.  We would also be grateful to next of kin for returning any passes from those that pass away. We can then update our records to prevent unnecessary further contact.

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